We're all former Grants and Contract Specialists, and attorneys. We have experience in all phases of the acquisition and assistance life cycle: planning; solicitation; evaluation; negotiation, award and administration of both acquisition and assistance instruments. We've worked on projects that range from an individual cost analysis to longer-term provision of acquisition and assistance support services on an as needed basis; we have managed the GAO protest process on the Government side, and handled post-closeout audit findings. Because we only bill for time spent on a project (rather than charging a retainer or billing for full-time support), our services are cost-effective and provide the flexibility that our clients often need. Contact us to learn more about how this works.


Not all of our clients are acquisition and assistance professionals. Many are technical experts that need help translating their programmatic concepts and strategies into a feasible procurement plan that will achieve results. We have experience in policy development, and in both strategic and procurement planning; and we are expert advisors on government acquisition and assistance regulations. We often serve as a liaison between the technical office and the Contracting Officer, advocating for the technical office's procurement goals and helping to streamline the procurement action lead time.


While we know that outsourcing is often necessary, we are also committed to building up the skills of Government employees to reduce your need to outsource work. With our experience in facilitating workshops and training courses, we create customized training plans for your staff members. We also review Acquisition and Assistance Specialists' work before it is sent to the Contracting Officer, and we provide guidance and feedback to enhance their understanding of their work for future improved performance and efficiency.